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July 9, 2024


When you find yourself repeatedly putting in the same information when sending a document, a batch, or a multi-doc, save it to a Draft and regenerate your inputs with one click.

What is a Draft?

Drafts allow you to save document workflows for quick access and reuse.

How to use Drafts:

  1. Prepare Your Templates: Set up your templates as you usually do.

  2. Visit the Send Page: Go to the Send page and fill in the Details and Recipients page with all the necessary information, except for any details you might want to change later.

  3. Save as Draft: When ready to save, click the 'Save as a Draft' button.

Video showing how to use Drafts:


Learn more on how to use Drafts.

Why use Drafts?

  • To save yourself the need to repeatedly enter the same information and significantly reduce document preparation time.

  • To minimise errors and ensure consistency across documents by maintaining a standard format for recurring documents.

  • To easily access and reuse your saved workflows, especially when handling frequently used document packs such as application forms or standard letters that require countersigning.

  • To share drafts with your team to ensure everyone is using the same templates.

  • To maintain control over your documents by pre-filling essential information and ensuring all necessary details are included before sending.

Drafts make preparing documents safer, easier, and faster. For more information on how Drafts can benefit your business, contact us.


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