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December 19, 2017

December 2017 update from Legalesign

Happy Christmas from Legalesign! The big update this month has been a significant improvement in resilience handling within the website platform. This has led to a complete technical overhaul and upgrade to our document sending page. We heard the feedback!

Now the send page can save progress and be templated. To the uninitiated this probably does not sound like much. But for those users (including us!) who suffered a browser crash half way through sending out a document or who had a last minute realisation they needed to amend their source document, will understand how useful this upgrade will be.

Templating is especially helpful where you have to repeatedly send out the same document or sets of documents. By making a template, almost all the preparation work can be saved, so a complex set of documents and workflows can be created and sent out in just a few seconds.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, this upgrade all lays the foundations to the first development for 2018 which will see functionality emerge for our customers to tie together documents for more complex transaction handling. If you would like to trial the alpha version please get in touch.

The Send Page update is in Beta mode and can be selected on the page itself immediately.

We just held our Xmas Raffle this morning which saw Amazon Echos and Gift Vouchers won by customers. Congratulations to all our winners, more details coming soon…

Have a wonderful Christmas break and we wish you a successful and prosperous 2018.


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