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August 2, 2016

Legalesign on GCloud8

Legalesign has been successfully accepted onto GCloud 8 for public sector purchasing. Gcloud is part of the Goverment's digital services and aimed at improving the way public services procure IT services from the private sector. Legalesign is listed under 'Software As A Service' for electronic signature.

For public bodies looking to innovate and bring the benefits of electronic signature to their institution, Legalesign provides an excellent and proven solution. ISO27001 certified for electronic signature and document storage, with high integrity Certified PDFs with long term validation backing up contracts, and exceptional levels of support and reliability, Legalesign is an excellent partner for electronic signature for public services.

Contract signing often becomes bottleneck for delivering efficient services. This is not only costly for you but also frustrating for your end-users. With Legalesign e-signature software, you can eliminate delays to improve your productivity, cut expensive ink and paper costs, reduce your environmental footprint through paper-saving, as well as providing a much easier to use solution for your signers, who can electronically sign immediately from anywhere on any device.

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