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November 28, 2018

Browser crash protection with saved workflows

A lesser-known feature in Legalesign, partly because it is so easy to use and fits so easily alongside every-day activity, is the ability to save and share contract workflows. Since your actions are stored for each section as you go along, you get built-in browser crash protection too.

The beauty of this workflow system is how well it is integrated into how you already send out your contracts for e-signature on Legalesign. You don't need to learn a new module or go to another part of the app. Just pause in your regular sending process and save it at that point.

For example, if the same person at a company always counter-signs contracts, then next time you are sending a contract out add those details and just press 'freeze' when he or she is added. You'll never need to add those details again.

At any point while sending out one or more documents you can freeze the page and give it a memorable name. Then that save point is available for you at any time. When you press a saved workflow the Send Page will re-assemble itself with all the settings you had selected the moment you 'froze' it.

If you have a team sending out the same documents for e-signature, then you can opt to share your contract workflow with them. On their Send Page they will find the workflow you shared clearly visible. Apart from reducing the time it takes to prepare the documents you send out, workflows also reduce the chance of human error, so you can be sure you and your team are getting it right every-time.

Almost no stone is un-turned to offer the widest possible variety of contact workflows conceivable on Legalesign. You can opt to add approvers, or replace a signer with an approver. If you don't know who a signer is when sending it out, then you can defer that decision till later. You can add automated reminders for documents sent for e-signing, other reviewers who need to receive PDF copies, contract expiry times, or static attachments for emails. You can select custom e-signing experience, so individual signers can have a fully customised e-signing experience, different e-signers may need different languages for example. You can batch documents up and, if you choose, enforce their ordering, requiring a signer to e-sign documents in the order you decide.

With all those options at hand, it's a great feature to save your workflows for documents and then easily re-initiate them at any time.

The system also has built-in browser-crash protection since you save each setting as you go along. When you are halfway through preparing a batch of contracts to be e-signed, and your colleague accidental pulls the plug on your computer, you are protected. When you're back into the system you'll notice "Load last send page" on the Send Document page. Hey presto, your Send page will re-assemble itself just as you left it.

Read our support documentation on how to save your contract workflow. Or enjoy this quick demo video on how to save your e-signature workflows.


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