Shareholders’ Agreements Signed with Legalesign for New App

June 08, 2020

Shareholders’ Agreements Signed with Legalesign for New App

When Rachel Beech needed 20 pages of shareholders’ agreements signed by investors and witnesses for her business, We Are Fetching, she found Legalesign provided the best esignature solution.

She liked that it was hassle-free and easy to use, great value for money and enabled ten people to access the documents remotely, with online witnesses. She struggled to manage witness signing with rival companies.

Helping to connect parents

We Are Fetching is a new mobile app that espouses the sharing economy and is aimed at supporting parents who juggle childcare with a busy working life.

It connects its user, a parent, with other parents it knows and trusts, creating a network of people that are approved to pick up a child from primary school. The app has been successfully tested with a couple of schools in Canary Wharf, London where parents, and other schools, showed an interest in signing up to it.

Rachel explains how Legalesign helped,

“I’d spent hours on other e-signing platforms trawling through customer support pdfs on witness statements and couldn’t find what I needed. In the end, I changed platforms because it was too difficult for the user. I instantly liked Legalesign. It is affordable and includes a lot of features in its trial, so I had a good chance to see how it worked."

Electronic signature for shareholders’ agreements

Pinning down several busy people to sign documents, with witnesses, is usually hard at the best of times. It's not usual to expect a turnaround time of 5 days per person to post, receive, review, sign and witness, and then re-post a set of documents. For 10 people and a single set of documents, that's almost 2 months! A similar task can be accomplished by electronic signature on Legalesign within days, or less.

Rachel said,

“The shareholders’ agreements had 20 pages and needed to be signed by multiple people, ten in all, and I liked that I could do this online with them. The idea of taking one document to each of my individual investors and requiring them to have an independent witness, pinning them all down at the same time, wasn’t even conceivable."
“And when I needed to speak to someone at Legalesign, nothing was too much trouble. Andreea in customer service has been most impressive. I would say that the service Legalesign provides is great.”

How does the app work? Rachel explains,

“The app works by sharing time. By collecting another child when you can, you earn credits to use at a time when you need your own child collecting. “The school is automatically notified that someone new will be fetching your child, and there is no regular commitment required by you or any of your friends. Feedback from the trial is very positive and we are steadily acquiring new customers for the time when schools open fully and normal service resumes.”

People who earn credits can redeem them on a selection of treats, such as a healthy food box, a manicure or wet shave for fathers who are doing the school run.

Legalesign binds partners

Rachel added, “We are currently looking at these partnerships and will be using Legalesign to bind in our partners and agree to these deals.

We are also looking at carbon emissions. A number of studies about emissions at school gates show how children are exposed to more pollution at drop off and pick up than at any other times of the day.

Crucially, using this app will enable social distancing by reducing crowding by parents at school gates which is pertinent in the current coronavirus situation. By using our app there will be fewer cars if parents can pick up a few other kids as well as their own.”

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