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November 21, 2015

eSignature software for Tax and Accounting

"Legalesign gives a better oversight of contracts and improves our customer happiness with less time spent printing, scanning and faxing". Aleksandra Osowska, FILAN Accounts Ltd.

Electronic signature software for accountants. If you've had your fill of accounts paperwork, with Legalesign eSignature software you can eradicate it from your client onboarding and ongoing client agreements. More time for your real work, more time for your new clients, and environmentally paper-saving to boot.

The key benefits of Legalesign for accountants are:

  • Time saving for you

  • Easy and accessible for your clients

  • Paperless office

Send your contract in moments. Then your client can e-sign immediately, wherever they are. They simply receive a notification by email and can sign with an electronic signature on their computer, tablet or phone if on the move.

Online contracts also create a strong professional image; it's modern, up to date with technology, efficient and environmentally friendly. Legalesign includes features so you can brand the emails that go out to clients and the signing page where they e-sign. This creates not only better brand awareness and reinforcement, but gives confidence to signers when they are completing your document.

Legalesign is ISO27001 certified for information security.

Advantages of using Legalesign for accounting and tax businesses:

  • Flexibility (when and where to sign)

  • Full form filling functionality

  • Time-saving (no time to waste on chasing paper, people and their signature)

  • Better management & tracking (oversight of contracts and easier book keeping)

  • Legally binding (subject to regulations on certain contract types)

  • Facilities for multiple document send

  • Improve customer happiness by saving them time printing, signing, scanning as well as money on ink

  • Environmentally friendly - reduce printing for you and your customers

Testimonials from accountants who use Legalesign

This is an excellent product!

John W Madsen, Tax Accountant

Easy to navigate. Great customer support. Does everything I need and even more. No dislikes. I like all features of the software. Fantastic software and even better customer support. I would highly recommend Legalesign to anyone who is looking for an eSign business software & e-Signature solution.

Anonymous user in Accounting

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