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February 19, 2016

What does the latest EU Regulation mean for the private sector?

In 2016 the EU will adopt a new regulation, introducing a legal framework to the use of electronic signatures, seals, electronic documents and timestamps.

The new rules are being put in place to create a uniform system for the recognition of electronic signatures between member states.

These regulations (also known as eIDAS) will replace the European Directive 1999/93/EC and have been put in place to help instil confidence in electronic transactions and provide a legal framework for member countries. The updated policies will help to overcome differences in national laws when it comes to eSignature, making secured transactions easier and more efficient than ever.

What it means for business

The updated regulations mean moving forward electronic signatures will be regarded as equivalent to written signatures all over the EU. Electronic signatures will be admissible as evidence in legal proceedings and satisfy the legal requirements of a signature for electronic data the same way it would for paper-based data where signatures are penned by hand.

This is great news for industries that rely on contracts and other signed documents to do business each day; more consistent laws across the EU mean it's easy to do business all over the world knowing your contracts are legal and valid even across borders.

Learn more about Electronic Signature Law in the UK.

What eSignature can do for you

Adopting an eSignature platform like Legalesign makes using electronic signatures simple, fast and secure. Digital signatures increase efficiency and can help save thousands – and in some cases, millions – by updating traditional pen-paper processes to a digital form. eSignature makes it possible to send documents anywhere in the world electronically, reducing printing costs and drastically cutting down on turnaround time as a once tedious process becomes more efficient for all.

Our advanced platform makes the process easy, fast and secure: you can send and manage dozens of contracts at once, require advanced authentication and security measures and keep on top of customer service using our real-time tracking feature, that allows you to see exactly when a document has been received, viewed and signed.

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