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November 4, 2015

How eSignature can benefit your business

Every business wants a way to cut costs, improve efficiency and make life easier for its employees and customers. At Legalesign we're dedicated to streamlining the process of getting documents electronically signed and making eSign software a cost-effective solution for businesses.

Adopting an eSignature software is a straightforward way to increase profits and improve customer experience almost instantly. The process of sending out and managing electronic agreements is made simple – saving your staff time and your clients' hassle.

Don’t believe us? Here are just 5 ways Legalesign can benefit your business.

1. You and your clients can work from anywhere

More businesses than ever are working with clients and customers from around the world, where face-to-face meetings aren't always a possibility. Legalesign makes it easy for you and your clients to work from anywhere; you can electronically sign contracts and close the deal on any time zone and make the important business of e-signing contracts and sending documents simple, straightforward and stress-free.

2. Manage your contracts in one place

Staying organised is easier than ever when you manage all your contracts in one place. Our intuitive platform is designed to help you send and manage contracts easily; you can check progress at a glance and keep an eye on dozens of contracts at once. Everything is stored in one place so when you need a document you can find it quickly and easily.

3. Real time tracking

Legalesign’s platform has a full notification system, so you can see real-time document status updates. You’ll know when your client has opened an email, visited your document and signed it. Real-time tracking helps you reduce your sales cycle and follow up with clients when the time is right; you’ll be able to monitor their progress and check-in to make sure they understand the process and follow up if you can see they have viewed a document but not signed it.

4. Increase sales turnover and cut overheads

Making the switch to electronic signature can help you increase your sales turnover and cut down on overhead costs in one swift motion. Our platform is easy to use, so you can get your contracts sent quickly, e-signed and returned swiftly and without fuss, increasing the speed of sales turn over and decreasing costs from delays and additional admin time.

5. Cut down on admin time

eSign documents and contracts help cut down on admin time for both you and your clients, making life easier on both ends. eSign does away with the sometimes tedious process of remote paperwork and waiting for documents to come through. Forget running out of printer ink - with electronic signing it’s as easy as opening an email and adding their digital signature to a document they’d otherwise have to print, sign, scan and return.

See how Legalesign can benefit your business – sign up for a free trial to manage your contracts online.


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