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e-Signature Solution FAQ

Is the service encrypted, and if so to what level?

The service uses 256-bit SSL encryption. SSL configuration is Qualys A+ Rated.

Can the document be signed by more than 1 person.

Yes, you can have as many signers as you like per document.

Is the document tamper-proof?

Yes, once signed the PDF is Certified and any changes will break certification. In addition to this, or if you do not use PDF Certification, copies can be independently verified as a true copy though Legalesign.

Can the signing progress be tracked?

Yes, when a document is sent there is an interface to show you the progress of each signer.

Is there an audit log for each document?

Yes, each action in connection with a document is recorded to an individual.

Who uses Legalesign?

Clients range from large multinational financial service companies to small and medium sized enterprises from the US and UK.

What volume are you doing?

We are currently sending around 1,400 documents every working day (at February 2016)

How much downtime have you had?

Uptime for the past 12 months has been 99.9229%. Downtime has been one incident of 3 hours for scheduled downtime and 2 hours 45 minutes of unscheduled downtime. Unscheduled downtime has been a result of a schedule downtime overrun (2 hours) and a short notice (45 minutes) update. In all cases downtime has been during off peak hours. Last updated 18 February 2016. Update 9 June 2016: No downtime since last update.

Do you meet corporate compliance requirements?

Each compliance department will have its own set of requirements, but we have not failed to meet compliance requirements to date. Please contact us if you have additional compliance requirements.

Where will data be located and processed?

You can choose between EU or US locations. Select your preferred choice when you sign up.

Are you ICO registered (UK)

Yes - registration number ZA092627

Does the service use near real-time secure data replication?


I need to send [insert a number here] documents per day/month, what plan do I need?

Get the business plan to have no document sending limit (subject to fair use) - click here for price.

Why do I need more than 1 group?

As you send more documents or add more users you'll find it becomes more productive to split out different groups. For example if you have multiple sales offices, or different departments it's easier to manage these with dedicated groups. If you want to control access to different documents it also make sense to have groups for each set of documents that have different sets of users.

How do I supervise multiple groups?

Use the group network feature. You can create a hierarchy of groups. A 'parent' group gains oversight over all its 'child' group activities. Create one group which is 'parent' to all your other groups and you will receive a feed of all activity across all your groups.

How can I verify an email is sent from you?

All emails from Legalesign are DKIM Signed. DKIM is a method to cryptographically sign an email to confirm it comes from our servers. For more information see DKIM.org, Wikipedia.

Why use Legalesign?

We offer excellent value in performance, support and price, particularly for growing companies where more users may join, or if you anticipate future API usage. We welcome customers taking an active involvement in the ongoing development of Legalesign. And here are some nice things our customers have said: click here.

What security do you have?

We operate a suite of ongoing security tools and methodologies for example, constant monitoring including intrusion detection and integrity checking, file checks, scans and file encryption. Access is strictly limited and controlled. While we have counter-measures for attacks on passwords, please make sure your own password is a good one (8 or more characters, mixed digit/letter and upper/lower case), and we recommend changing it intermittently.

What is your backup recovery plan?

In short, we replicate data across standby machines located in multiple isolated resources in near real-time and take frequent point in time backups. Data is stored in both a highly available and fully redundant way. Despite extensive backup routines we would always recommend you store copies of your signed documents on your own systems too.

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