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Electronic signature software is a key toolkit in recruitment and HR, and is one of Legalesign's largest customer sectors. Legalesign is commonly used for tasks such as fast onboarding for new candidates, significantly reducing completion time and form errors (recruitment onboarding using electronic signature example). The bulk send feature is popular for large scale signing where, for example, a regulatory document is required to be signed across an employee base, or for seasonal documents. Legalesign software also covers day to day and miscellaneous business contract handling.

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Check out the e-book for information about e-signature, how it works, the legality, with case studies to show how it is giving recruiters the competive edge.

Over 50% of contracts on Legalesign are signed within the hour and you can bring down your admin time by half.

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"I really like how the software is designed, and the different options available to tailor to your documents. I have found this software to sped up our candidate registration process immensely, and we have had a lot of feedback from candidates regarding the ease of use. I am overwhelmed by the amazing support the team at Legalesign have provided our business with".

Katie Swingler, Ackerman Pierce (Public sector recruitment)

"On average it takes half the time to get contracts signed with Legalesign compared to conventional means."

Raymond Martinez, APA Services (Recruitment and Staffing)

"Nothing to dislike at all, the system just worked and sorted out our contract signing woes immediately!"

Anonymous in Staffing and Recruiment, G2 Business Software Review

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