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Best Electronic Signature Software in the UK

This article contains a list of the best electronic signature software operating in the UK, and some pointers on buying this type of software.

These are productivity software that can organise and track contracts that need signature or approval.

You can broadly split the software by those based in the UK, and non-domestic software that has expanded internationally.

The top UK electronic signature software includes:

  1. Legalesign

  2. Signable

  3. E-Sign

Leading non-domestic electronic signature software includes:

  1. Docusign

  2. AdobeSign

Smaller, or more niche, non-domestic players include:

  1. Pandadoc

  2. Contact us with your recommendations...

What is the best electronic signature software for you?

Once you have your chosen list, segment it by the maturity of feature-set and the data protections in place.

This checklist will help you shortlist the best electronic signature software:

  • Data protection: GDPR compliant and helps you meet the obligations that you have as a business?

  • Data protection: Where is your data located?

  • Data protection: A good standard of data protection? Check for ISO27001 Certification.

  • Features: Does it surprise you with the range of features?

  • Features: Does it cover your edge cases - less used situations that are still important?

  • Features: Will it be usable across other parts of the business.

  • Infrastructure: What is the uptime record?

  • Infrastructure: Is it built to be highly reliable with backups and redundancies?

  • Support/Training: How quickly does support respond, is it helpful?

  • Support/Training: Is there an online resource for out-of-hours?

  • Support/Training: How quickly do you think one person could train another for day-to-day use?

Once you have a shortlist use the free trials: see if it fits what you need, bearing in mind any requirement to scale up and down, and then assess price and value.

Legalesign is a UK-based electronic signature software, chosen by customers for its mature enterprise level feature-set, strong data and compliance platform, excellent support and affordable pricing.

Try it now with the free trial or discuss whether Legalesign can meet your requirements by contacting us and talking to one of our experts.

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