Legalesign e-Signature for Property

November 21, 2015

Legalesign e-Signature for Property
“I manage a growing property business, letting to students. Details and signatures of each individual as well as a guarantor for each are required. So, for a 6-bed house, this would be 12 sets of information. Consequently, getting all parties together in one place at one time is extremely difficult, particularly with increasing numbers of foreign students. Legalesign's e-signing process has transformed this part of my business by allowing parties to sign remotely at a time that suits them. The efficiency gains are very significant indeed. And having everything stored, traced and distributed electronically removes additional overhead”.
Angela Mildon, Property Developer at Mildon Investments.

Legalesign electronic signature software cuts out the swathes of paperwork that besets property agents and enables contracts to be closed in good time and with minimal effort from the buyer, vendor, landlord or tenant.

Whether you need to rent or sell a property, by using Legalesign you are more likely to close out faster and more efficiently.

In particular, where lots of remote parties get involved it can take weeks just to get all the signatories. With Legalesign you have a central copy of your document all parties can sign within a few moments of its creation.

Apart from significant savings in admin time, closing out contracts promptly through e-sign, particularly in lettings, gives you peace of mind that new tenants won't pull out of the deal. Legalesign eSign software for Property will simplify your business and you’ll start to get things done in a timelier manner.

Legalesign includes all the features you may expect including branding and customization options, facilities to tailor the e-signing experience to your business requirements, and multi-user and team functionality so you can easily scale up across offices if necessary.

A few of the many advantages of using Legalesign in real estate agencies and estate and lettings agents:

  • Cost saving (on ink, paper, storage and employee time)
  • Reduce the time between creation of the contract and signature, especially for international contract parties
  • Virtual presence (no need to get everyone in the same place)
  • Compliance - where regulations can change contracts frequently, you can better control the ones in use
  • Increases client satisfaction with easy virtual signing from anywhere

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