Polo & Tweed Go Paperless with Legalesign

Polo & Tweed Go Paperless with Legalesign

April 11, 2016

Read how Polo & Tweed, a top recruitment firm for domestic staff worldwide, have increased their competitive advantage with Legalesign eSignature.

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• 80% reduction in admin time for new clients • 80% reduction in admin time for new candidate registrations • 100% reduction in printing cost • Significant increase in time for business development and growth

The company

Offering quintessential staff to clients worldwide, Polo & Tweed (http://poloandtweed.com/) meets all domestic staffing needs and ensures the very highest level of service synonymous with British traditions. Based out of the renowned Hanover Square in London and headed by CEO Lucy Challenger, Polo & Tweed have been taking the domestic service industry to new heights.

Before Legalesign

Polo & Tweed used regular email for their signing process. Contracts were emailed to clients who then printed, signed, scanned, and emailed them back. The major side effect of this approach was the time to manage it, the irritation for clients, and the propensity for innocent mistakes when completing the contracts. With a short turnaround between contract completion and the commencement of work, Polo & Tweed needed contracts signed in good time. The delays in signing via email, made worse by easily-made mistakes in contract completion, in particular with clients in different time-zones, hampered the level of service Polo and Tweed aspired to give their clients.

Choosing Legalesign

Lucy, the company CEO, manages a portfolio of London properties and when her letting agent sent her a Legalesign contract to sign electronically, she immediately recognised Legalesign as the solution to many delays and logistical issues at Polo & Tweed. After going on to test the platform she has never looked back. She said:

“Legalesign is so simple and easy to use, it drastically improves the efficiency of the signing process and its benefits for dealing with overseas clients are staggering.”

How Legalesign improved the signing process

Lucy highlighted five ways that Legalesign has improved the contract signing process for her business:

• Streamline the Process – Removing scanning and printing saves clients’ time, while the ease with which contracts can be sent saves significant time for Polo & Tweed. • Control and Tracking – Previously there was no indication of email tracking. Now Polo & Tweed can monitor every aspect of the signing process, from when a contract has been received, open or signed and means actions can be tailored to each specific case. • PDF Certification and Validation - Ensures that all contract are tamper proof, giving piece of mind to not only Polo & Tweed but the client and candidate too. • Security - Legalesign tracks both the IP address and the email of the signer anywhere in the world in addition to the signature and date-stamp, these added layers of security means that disputes are easily dealt with. • Eco-friendly - Paper consumption has dropped to zero.


With the benefits of using a streamlined eSignature solution Polo & Tweed has seen an 80% decrease in the time for clients and new candidates to sign, and also a clear means to judge conversion rates. Legalesign has also enabled Polo & Tweed to go green with a 100% reduction in paper and ink consumption along with the associated cost of storage. Overall cost savings have been significant and employees who were waylaid with contract administration now spend an extra two days a week on business development and growth

To learn more about online electronic signature for recruitment companies, to contact us and for a free trial of Legalesign go to https://legalesign.com

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