Follow up an e-Signature request automatically

October 28, 2013

Follow-ups are here - scheduled reminder emails to signers. This is a feature we’ve been keen to implement for a while and which has been pushed up the development list by popular demand.

With follow-ups, you create a set (a schedule) of time-delayed emails to send to a signer if they haven’t completed your document. You can have different emails for different situations, for example, if the signer hasn’t visited at all, or if they’ve visited but haven’t completed.

Choose the number of days after the signer’s last visit and the time of day you want to send the email. Skip weekends for business customers, or include them for household customers.

Create as many schedules as you like for your group, select one with just a click for each signer, and, if you need to make a minor edit for an individual signer that’s no problem - easily edit if you need to.

We've created an automated reminders for eSignature guide for you to make best use of this feature!

Enjoy! As usual, if you have any feedback to help us improve please let us know.