How to add more users

Setting up new users is a very simple process that you can find on your dashboard page under the 'Admin' > 'Users' section. Once you get to the Users page, the only thing left to do is add the name and email address of your new team member and assign him or her the level of permission you want to give. The video also contains a quick tip on how to set up a two-authentication password in order to secure your account with a high security level. That’s it, you’re all good to go now!

The range of permission for your users are are:

  • Admin - access to all functions on the site
  • Create/send (team) - can see all the team sent document, can do everything but access the 'Admin' section.
  • Send-only (team) - Can see all the team sent documents and can send any documents in the team.
  • Create/team (individual user) - complete isolated from all other users and activity, has to upload own documents.
  • Send-only (individual user) - Can only see his or her sent documents, and can only send documents, but has access to send the team documents.
  • Read-only - can see all team sent documents but cannot change anything on the site.