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How eSignature improves customer experience

January 11 2013

The printer: how many times have you at the critical moment run out of ink, jammed it with paper, or otherwise found it unresponsive to both patience and fury? Although it turns out ink isn’t the mo… Read more...

What is the difference between basic and advanced eSignature?

January 10 2013

There are broadly two categories of electronic signature, ‘basic’ and ‘advanced’. <a href="" target="_blank">Advanced e-Signature</a> refer… Read more...

eSignature for Business: Legalsign Public beta released

January 9 2013

We’re pleased to report Legalesign is now in public beta. With the <a href="" target="_blank">free trial on Legalesign</a> anyone can sign up and try it out in… Read more...

Image for The view of Edinburgh from Legalesign offices

The view of Edinburgh from Legalesign offices

January 9 2013

A beautiful morning view from where we work at You can see Edinburgh castle on the left horizon, that dome in the foreground is McEwan Hall, below us is the roof of the University of… Read more...