How to manage your users

Adding and removing users from teams is straightforward on Legalesign. This article is about team user administration.

You must have admin permissions.

Your organisation has a different set of user permissions, you can draw up team members to be organisation users.

Click on Admin and select 'Users'.

To add users click on the button to the right, 'Add user'.  

On the add new user page enter the email of the new user and the relevant permission you wish to apply.  Then press to save the user. See this video of how to add a user. The user will be emailed an invitation and will then be able to access the system after following the instructions on their invitation email.

Check out this article for more information on user permissions.

If you do not see the 'Users' option in Admin or the 'Add User' button on the 'Users' page then you'll need to upgrade your account, please contact

To remove a user click on the button to the right of a users email, 'Remove from team'. Or see this video on how to remove a user. On the following page choose re-assign any live documents to another user, tick the box, 'I am sure' and click on the button 'Remove this person'.

This video shows how to access the user admin site and how to add and remove a user:

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