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View Listings

When a document is sent it makes an entry on the listings section of the Dashboard, where its progress can be viewed at a glance. Users can change the look of status icons and which Patrty details appear.

To change the view of your listings:

  1. Go to the Account Settings menu (click your name)
  2. Click on Prefrences
  3. Select a viewing format using the drop menus (see below for examples)
  4. Click on 'Save prefrences'.

Change the notification email settings on this page too.


Set a default personal message when sending documents

Improve the deliverability of a signing invitation email and give recipients a friendly experience with a personalised message.

To create a default personal message, Admin users can go to Admin > Saved emails.

To set a personal message to default, articulate it then tick the 'Use eveytime' option, for it to be sent with every document.

Placeholders can be used in conjunction with personal messages.

To customise your messages on a per template basis, give the personal message exactly the same as the template. The platform will automatically associate the two at sending.

Once you have a few messages set up, these can be selected by clicking the icon on the Send page, and use the dropdown menu.



GDPR - Stop processing a data subject

If a party submits a GDPR request that you stop processing their data for eSignature, you can immediately enforce this using the Organisation page of the Legalesign Web App.

Adding an email to the Stop Processing list will block any documents being sent to them in any capacity (be they an Approver, Signer, or Witness).

To add an email to the Stop Processing list:

  1. Access your Team’s Organisation page (click your name in the top-right)
  2. Select Stop Processing
  3. Click the blue ’Add Person’ button and enter their email and save it
  4. The email will be added to the Stop Processing list (refresh the page if they don’t appear immediately)


How to change agreement statements

Agreement statements are non-contractual terms a signatory must accept before accessing the document.

They appear only on the singing page and are not part of the sent document. They are, however, recorded in the Audit Log.

The default agreement statements are:

I confirm I am authorised to accept the terms of this document.
I understand that accepting the terms of this document creates a legally binding obligation.

To change, add, or remove an agreement statement:

  1. Go to Admin > Signer Experience
  2. Scroll down to Agreement Statements
  3. Edit the existing text by clicking in the box.
    Add a statement with the plus symbol just above 'Save'
    Remove the statement by clicking the minus symbol to the right of the text.
  4. Click Save when finished
Use different signing experiences for different sets of agreement statements to use as appropriate.


The document library and templates

The Document Library contains all the active templates for a Legalesign Team. Access it by clicking the Documents icon in the top navbar.

Once a document is uploaded, it is saved as a template in the Library to be re-used for sending.

If a template has had its fields set up using the xEdit page, and is validated (i.e. it has at least one field), you'll be able to send it directly from the Document Library by clicking the Send button.

Need to add something to the document before sending? Use Sender fields to customise the document for a recipient.


This is h1

This is h2

This is h3

This is h4

This is h5
This is h6

This is h7 This is h8 This is h9


Get a Deed signed for HMLR submission

This complies with guidance from HM Land Registry for getting deeds electronically signed and eWitnessed. Click here to read more.

View the full list of HMLR documents that can be signed with Conveyancer-Certified Electronic Signature here.
To send an HMLR CCES-compliant document from your Team:
  1. Upload a document to create a template

  2. Prepare the template on the xEdit page. Drag-and-drop the first Party's signature field and other text fields they need to complete

  3. Just like adding multiple parties, use the dropdown menu to select that Party's witness and drag-and-drop their relevant fields
  4. If the template doesn't already have an attestation statement, use a Sender fields near the witness's fields to insert text before sending.

  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 above as needed, then select the next signing Party and give them a text field (this will be where the Conveyancer enters the date of execution into the document)

  6. This complies with STEP 1 of Practice Guide 82.

  7. Click the green Send banner to enter Party details on the Send page, including telephone numbers.
  8. This complies with STEP 2 of PG 82.

  9. Add Party phone numbers, so they can recieve their on-time password via SMS needed to access the document and sign.
  10. This is to comply with STEP 3 of PG 82.
    If you don't know the witness's details, click Decide later.
    This allows the previous Party to enter the next Party’s details, i.e. the signer decides who their eWitness will be.

  11. Send the document

  12. 7.1 The signer receives an email with a link to the document, then be asked to enter an OTP before accessing the document.
    This complies with STEP 4 of PG 82.

    7.2 The witness receives an email with a link to the document, then be asked to enter an OTP before accessing the document.
    This complies with    STEP 5 of PG 82.

    7.3 The conveyancer receives an email with a link to the document, then dates the document.
    This complies with STEP 6 of PG 82.

  13. Go to the document's Audit Log page to download the final document.
  14. This is to comply with STEP 7 of PG 82.
The HM Land Registry requires 2FA for eWitnessing, even if both parties are signing on the same device.
Learn more in our article Two-Factor Authentication and eWitness Settings.

You can save time during submission by batching a second document at sending for only the Conveyancer. This will be the CCES declaration as required by HMLR (under STEP 7 of PG 82).

You can optionally append them together, before sending, using Combine PDFs on the Document Functions page.

Save even more time with repeated workflows like this by using Saved Send pages.

Contact us for more information, or for help setting up your CCES workflow.