How to create a new team

All your document upload and sending activity are contained within a "team" also known as a "group". Teams enable you to silo your data and roll out Legalesign effectively through different offices or departments. It only takes a few seconds to make a new team.

The number of teams you can create depends on your billing.  Once you have confirmed the number of teams with your account manager, click the left side button in the top-most navigation and 'Create a new team' from the dropdown that appears. A pop-up form will appear and you will be able to name your new team and select its type.

Your teams are listed at the top of your pages and you can use those links to switch between them.

API is a special case and has two teams automatically: one for development another for production. To learn more about teams for API development click here.

This video shows a new team being made and how to navigate between teams:

Teams cannot be deleted but they can be de-activated by getting in touch with Support. Should you need a team's type changed from production to dev and vice versa, contact our support team.