Brand emails and signing pages

You can brand all public facing aspects of the system (i.e. emails to signers and your signing page).  You need to be an admin user.


Go to 'Admin' and then 'Signer experience' .  At the top of that page you can add your logo and change the format of your outbound emails.

To change the email logo, go to the email preview, which is the first section down, and either drag and drop your logo onto the email preview or below that, you will see a button labelled 'Add/remove email logo'.

(Make sure your logo is an image file.)

Signing page:  Go to 'Admin' > 'Signer Experience' > 'Signing page'.  On the left-hand side, you will see shortcut links to different parts of the page. Within the 'Signer Experience' part, click on "Logo". This will scroll you down the page to where you can upload your logo.

The rest of the 'Signer experience' page enables you to control all aspects of how your signers experience the signing process.