Prepare a template - the xEdit Page

The xEdit page is where uploaded documents are prepared with Signer (and Sender) fields. Once prepared, documents can be sent to Parties to be completed and signed. This article is a guide of it.

Using drag & drop, select a desired field and place it onto the document where appropriate.

Once a template has been prepared, the status bar above the preview window (see above) will turn from blue to green (see below), indicating the template has validated and is ready to send.

If the bar remains blue or turns red, it means further editing is required. Follow the instructions in the prompt to validate the template.

A template validates when there is at least one signer field assigned to a Party.

Edit the template's name by clicking the pencil icon beside the title (below).

Use the arrow buttons to move between pages of the template.

Fix signature scale : maintains the aspect ratio of the signature field when being resized.

One-time use: archive when sent: leave ticked to automatically archive the template after being sent. Untick to make the template re-usable. Hold shift and tick/untick to set the default setting.

The column to the left of the document preview is the base for all fields to be placed onto your document. It’s divided into the following sections:

Signer fields    |     Sender fields     |     Parties     |     Experience    |     More    |    How to align fields

Signer Fields

These are fields for the recipient(s) to fill in be they a Signer, Witness, or Approver.

The primary field is the Signature, below are pre-set fields for quick template setup.

Use the dropdown menu to add multiple parties to a template.

For more precise field set up, drop a text field onto the template then select a field validation type found in the field properties menu.

This forces recipients to only enter compliant text into the fields. If expediency is your priority, we recommend not specifying a validation type.

Read here for a full list of validation types. Read more about setting up advanced form logic.

All fields can be labelled for your reference. The labels can also be hints to the recipient for what to fill in, e.g. "First Name" and "Last Name".

Define a placeholder to act as a pre-set autofill to save a recipient time filling in the document.

Sender fields

These are fields you the sender will have to fill out before the document has been sent.

Pre-fill Sender fields with a placeholder to save yourself time when sending a document.

The Auto-sign at sending field inserts your signature to the document as it sends.

Read more about adding your signature to documents.


This section provides on overview of all the Parties included in the document, and their role.

Witnesses will always appear below the Party they are attesting.


Control how a recipient progresses through the document.

Auto-forwarding lets the system guide the recipient through all fields letting them use the return key to progress.

Experience settings lets you quickly select a customised signer experience if you have one set up.

Set up a customer signer experience if you're sending documents in different languages.


Additional functions for your template:

Lock PDF : Enable this to prevent changes being made to the document, unless done by Admin users or the document's author.

Fields table : Opens a table view of all the fields. Also accessible by clicking icon next to Signer Fields.

PDF preview : Preview the document with all fields filled in.

Process tags : Click to convert text tags into fields.

Export bulk send CSV : Generate a CSV file to download and edit. Used in conjunction with the Bulk Send function to distribute documents to up to 5000 recipients.

Use preparation service : Request a quote for our Document Preparation Service. We can build your template for a fee. A Support agent will always contact you to confirm the requirements and provide an estimate before commencing.

Copy fields/document : Open the Document functions page for whole document and individual page actions including; field copying, document duplication, distribution (to other teams), and document combination.

Archive This Document : Click to remove the template from your Document library and send it to the PDF documents Archive. If you've yet to send the template, this button will be replaced by 'Permanently Delete Document' which will remove the document from your account.

How to align fields

This section provides instructions for fine field placement on the template.

Learn more about positioning form fields on Legalesign.

Direct links

At the end of the xEdit page is a section is for users looking to publish open documents that can be embedded in a website.

Learn more about how to set up direct links with Legalesign.