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How to add a witness to a document

Adding witnesses to an esign document is easy and fast to do on Legalesign.

Go to the document's PDF edit page (within 'Docs' section) and drag and drop a Signature field onto the document. The field's form will pop up with one drop down box visible.

Click the drop down and scroll down until you see 'Signer 1 - Witness'. Select that option (or for other signers as appropriate) and save the field.

You may also be interested in adding multiple signers to a document.

Fields allocated to a witness have a dotted border in a colour matching the signer, for example a witness for signer 1 has a green dotted border while a witness for signer 2 has a blue dotted border.  By comparison signature fields for a standard signer have a solid border.

This graphic shows where a signature field is located, and the dropdown on the form to change it from a standard signer to a witness signature:

graphic showing how to add a witness to a document

This videos shows how to prepare a document for 2 regular signers, and witnesses for each signer, on a PDF edit page:

How to add an eWitness to a document - watch on Youtube