How to add a witness to a document

Adding witnesses to an esign document is easy and fast to do on Legalesign.

Go to the document's PDF edit page (within Docs section) and drag and drop a Signature field onto the document. The field's form will pop up with one drop-down box visible.

Click the drop-down and scroll down until you see Signer 1 - Witness . Select that option (or for other signers as appropriate) and save the field.

You may also be interested in adding multiple signers to a document.

Fields allocated to a witness have a dotted border in colour matching the signer, for example, a witness for Signer 1 has a green dotted border while a witness for Signer 2 has a blue dotted border. By comparison, signature fields for a standard signer have a solid border.

This graphic shows where a signature field is located, and the dropdown on the form to change it from a standard signer to a witness signature:

This videos shows how to prepare a document for two regular signers and adding witnesses for each signer, on a PDF edit page:

Electronic Witnessing requires a mobile number for the signer and witness to allow for two factor authentication via SMS. Witness details can be added on the send page, or senders can allow signers to "decide later". This video shows the sending process in which a witness is decided later, how the authentication process looks like and how signers can add witness details:

This form of witnessing is compatible and compliant with the specific signing and witnessing that HM Land Registry requires for transfer of ownership of property, leases, mortgages and other property transactions.

Non-2FA Witnessing is available upon request by contacting or calling +44 1223 628 950. This process entails signers passing over control to witnesses in the same signing session.