Get a deed signed and eWitnessed for HM Land Registry

This complies with guidance from the HM Land Registry for getting deeds electronically signed and eWitnessed.
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View a list of HM Land Registry documents that can be signed using conveyancer-certified esignature here.

To send documents for signing using conveyancer-certified electronic signature follow these 6 steps :

1) Upload a document to create a template

2) Prepare the template on the xEdit page, adding signature fields for Signers and eWitnesses

3) Add a signer Text field and assign it to an additional Party (the Conveyancer) for dating, final approval and document execution

4) Go to the Send Page

5) Enter contact details for Signers, eWitnesses, and the Approver (the Conveyancer)

6) Press "Final Step - Create & Send" to send the document out and start the signing process

The HM Land Registry requires 2FA for eWitnessing, even if both parties are signing on the same device. You can learn more about setting up 2FA for eWitnessing in our article about 2FA options.
If you don't know the witness's details, click Decide later. This allows the previous Party to enter the next Party’s details, i.e. the signer can decide who their eWitness will be.

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