Auto-save your form fields for signers

By auto-saving your form fields, progress is saved as your signers move through a form. If the signer leaves the document, or there is a browser or computer crash, the signer can immediately pick up where they left off.

You may wish to use the save button in circumstances where your signers may want more surety as they progress through your form.

Access the PDF edit page for the document by clicking the Docs and going to your PDF's edit page. To the left of your document are a number of subheadings, within the subheading entitled Signer Experience click the box labelled No save buttons.

This video shows how to turn the save buttons on or off.

Use the field movements section to optimise how your signer moves through their form. You will need different settings depending on the number and nature of fields, for example, for forms with many optional fields you may prefer the signer not to jump forward through fields automatically.

N.B. Auto-save fields are not currently available with the direct link.

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