How to stop a signed PDF from being printed or copied

You can change the settings on your final PDF to prevent it being copied or printed. This is a feature within a PDF itself.

You can do this in two ways. Either at the team level, or as you send out a document to be signed.

Change setting at the team level:

Admins can set their group default within ‘Admin > PDF Security > PDF Security Options’. You will see the options:

  • Do not allow copying
  • Do not allow printing

Change this as you send out a document:

Restricting print & copy for a team on Youtube

Users can also apply the settings on a document-by-document basis.

On the send page, after your add a document, you will see the buttons “Signed PDF copying” and “Signed PDF Printing” at the foot of that document section.

When a little tick mark appears, copying and printing are enabled. If they are disabled there will be an ‘x’ mark.

This PDF feature is not a guaranteed failsafe, people can still make images of your PDFs and print those, and may be able to find ways around this setting with custom software.

Restricting print & copy for a single document on Youtube

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