Documents Sent For eSignature

Adding an Auto-Date field

Drag and Drop a date field onto your document to ensure it is dated correctly. Selecting an Auto-date will mean Legalesign automatically applies a date-stamp without requiring any input from the Sender or Signer.

Sender Auto-Date adds a date when the Document is sent.

Signer Auto-Date adds a date when the Signer completes the document.

In this gif, first a Sender Auto-Date is dragged and dropped and then a Signer Auto-Date.

The following content formats are available for auto-dating. Selectable on the Edit page:

  1. dd/mm/yyyy (Default)

  2. yyyy/mm/dd

  3. yy/mm/dd

  4. dd/mm/yy

  5. mm/dd/yyyy

  6. mm/dd/yy





  11. mm.dd.yyyy

  12. mm.dd.yy

  13. yyyy-mm-dd

  14. yy-mm-dd

  15. dd-mm-yyyy

  16. dd-mm-yy

  17. mm-dd-yyyy

  18. mm-dd-yy

  19. d mmmm yyyy