How to add reviewers and approvers

This article is a short explanation of what a reviewer and approver is on Legalesign. If someone is not signing a document, but is involved in the workflows, then they are probably either a 'reviewer' or an 'approver'.

Reviewers are passive, they receive PDF copies of documents, while approvers are active, he or she must take action to confirm a document to move it through a workflow. You can associate one or more 'reviewers' or 'approvers' with a signer when sending a document.

Find this option just underneath where you add a signer name and email on the send document page.


This person will receive a CC copy of the draft and final documents.

A reviewer might be a colleague or other person (e.g. a lawyer) that the signer wants to copy in.

This video shows you how to add a reviewer:


This person will receive a link to the document after the signer has signed and need to confirm 'approval' to move the document to the next stage.

You can optionally add fields for approvers, and approvers can add more approvers.  All fields for approvers are optional.  Where there is more than one signer and an approver is involved, the signing process will always become 'sequential'; signers will sign in turn, and not all at once.

An approver might be someone within the company who needs to check a signer has completed the document correctly, or who needs to add final details (such as an internal ID or file attachment) before approving it to go forward to the CEO to sign.

This video shows you how to add an approver:

If you are repeatedly using workflows with the same reviewers and approvers, check out contract workflows.