How to get a deed signed and witnessed electronically for HM Land Registry

HM Land Registry has published guidance for how to get a deed signed and witnessed with electronic signatures.

Click here for their information.

How to get a property deed electronically signed and witnessed:

1. Sign up for a trial. Get a free trial. Follow the steps to set up a new group.

2. Upload your PDF. Click the upload icon at the top of the screen to add your deed to the platform.

3. Drag and drop signatures and form fields, and add a date field for the final approval step.

The next video demonstrates drag & drop in action: how to add a signature for signatory 1, a signature for witness 1 and text fields for each.

HM Land Registry requires you (the conveyancer) to date the document to finish the process. You'll see in the next step you can add yourself as an signer but switch your role to 'approver' when you send out the document to be signed.

4. Go to the Send Page.

Add the names, emails and mobile numbers for each of your signers and witnesses.

If you don't know the witness details then click to 'decide later'. This enables the previous person in the chain to enter the next person's details, i.e. the signer can decide who their witness will be.

This video shows how to let the first signer decide who their witness will be, and adding yourself as final approver. Finally we press 'Final Step - Create & Send' to send out the document and start the signing process:

5. Send, manage and track the document through to completion.

Back on the dashbaord you will see your document listed detailing the progress of all your signers and witnesses.

The dashboard updates in realtime. You can track how far through the signing process you are, send reminders, and make sure fields are filled in as you expect.

Thank you for reading. Once you are signed up for a free trial contact support to schedule your 1-to-1 webinar session so you can run through this process in-person.

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