Change email text

This article explains how to change the text in emails to your signers (or approvers) and used saved emails.

For any user, when you send a document you can add email text in the 'Personal Message' box just underneath the signer name and email. Similarly, when you send a reminder email, you have the option to enter a personal message.

This short video shows you where to add a personal message for a signer on the send page:

How to add personal messages for e-signers on the send page - watch on Youtube

For users with admin permissions, you can set a default text in an 'experience' or ready-made personal messages for signers

1. Default text in emails through signer experience

You can change all the default text on emails in 'Admin' > 'Signer experience', within the 'Email text' section. 

This video shows email text being changed in a signer experience:

Several placeholders are available:

{{group_name}} / {{business_name}} / {{team_name}}  -  The 'public name' you have set in Admin' > Name.

2. Pre saved emails

You can also prepare pre-saved emails for signers and set it as default.

Go to Admin > Saved Emails to make ready-made messages for your signers.  If you wish to add that text to outgoing emails by default then tick the 'Use everytime'  checkbox (and 'Save' at the foot of the page).  

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