Change a signer email or name

It is quick and easy to replace a signer or change their details. You may make an error when sending a document to be signed, an email may bounce, or you may simply need to alter who the signer for a document will be.

Go to your dashboard of sent documents and click on the name of the signatory and a pop-up menu will be displayed. Most of the form is dedicated to sending a reminder email, but at the bottom of the form is a button that says Change signer details. Click that link and on the new page, you will have the option to change the signer's details.

Check out the advanced search features to find a signer rapidly.

Even if you have sent the original document to the wrong person, as soon as you change these details the wrong signer will not be able to sign, even if they have sight of your document.

This quick video demo will show you how to change a signer's details: