How To Bulk Send

Bulk send allows to send multiple personalised documents up to 500 parties for eSignature at once. This makes Legalesign ideal whenever you need parties to fill in forms or documents in large volumes.

It is as simple as downloading our CSV file from the xEdit page of your template, fill it in with the required information, upload it back in the Send Bulk page with the template you want to send.

Be sure you've already set up the template you want to send. If you did not, follow this guide and add the needed Signer fields and Sender fields.

Prepare your CSV file

Those steps guide you through the CSV file preparation:

1) Download CSV file from the template by clicking on "More" and then on "Export bulk send CSV"

2) Complete the columns in the file - the first three columns will always be "first name", "last name", "email". If you have sender fields in the templates, you need to fill them in in the columns the system named after their labels.

You can also use Bulk send to send documents to Approvers and Witnesses, just add them in the right order in the file. The system will read from row 1 to the last and assign each row to a Party in the template. If you have a template with 2 parties, and you need to send it to two different group of signers, the system will associate row 1 with Party 1 - 1st document, row 2 with Party 2 - 1st document, row 3 with Party 1 - 2nd document, row 4 with Party 2 - 2nd document.

Should you wish to add Witnesses and let the signers deciding later who they will be, leave "first name", "last name" blank and add "" in "email".

Do not label any field in the template as "first name", "last name" or "email". Other reserved labels not allowed within the template are: "behalf of": optional value for a signer

"document title": the title of the final document (needs to be the same for the whole bulk) - we suggest you to use a name convention so it's easier for you to recognise the documents

"_message": set up a custom 1st email notification body message for each of the parties

"attachments": use it to send extra static attachments you wish to add to the initial email to your signers.

"_sms": used to add Party's phone number for our 2FA via SMS

"_tag": add the tag you want to use to search the document in Legalesign, just add "#" before the tag in the search bar

Send the documents

Once you downloaded and prepared the CSV file, you can easily complete and send documents by:

1) From the Dashboard, click on Send and then on Bulk send

2) Write the title you want the document to have (if you did not do it already in the CSV file)

3) Select the template to use

4) Click on "choose file" and select the CSV file you preapred to upload it

5) Optionally add a reminder email schedule (if you want and your plan allows it) or decide to just prepare the documents on Legalesign and send the emails manually instead of automatically at the end of this process (default option)

6) Click on Upload and Send

Do not untick the option "strict validation" unless differently suggested by our Support team. This feature allows to use a CSV file containing other data which you should delete otherwise (anything not mentioned above).

If you need to send documents in bulk which need multiple parties for the same doc, their details needs to be add squentially in the CSV file. E.g., a document which needs two parties and need to be sent to 3 groups, will have the details for the parties in row 2&3 for group 1, 4&6 for group 2, 7&8 for group 3.