Can I see the number of documents sent and signed?

The Stats display shows the number of sent and signed documents with a 'sent and signed' graph and table, and a 'time to sign' graph.

If you are on an upfront per-document billing method you can also see the documents you have used up so far on your billing page.

Sent and Sign Stats

Go to Stats > Signed/day to generate a line graph. The blue line depicts sent documents while the red line depicts signed documents.

There are a couple of dropdown menus at the upper right of the graph. Click the dropdown labelled 'my docs' and switch it to 'all team'. Next to it click the other dropdown and select the time period. There are some handy pre-set time periods that includes the time since your last billing event, but also 'custom' at the bottom of the dropdown to see any period.

Note just under the dropboxes, in the upper right corner of the graphic, is a table with the total amount of sent and signed documents in the time period.

This video shows the custom time period search in use:

How to search by custom time period - watch on Youtube

Time to Sign Stats 

Go to Stats > Time to Sign to generate a bar chart showing the time it is taking for your documents to be signed, as well as a signed/removed ratio with pie chart.

As above, you can select to view statistics for other members of the team and given time periods.

The video belows shows a query on the time to sign stats for the last 30 days:

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